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NO Trunk or Treat 2023!
Instead ...

Konnex is participating in the

Granville Halloween Festival!

Thursday, October 26, 2023


Details below!

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Event located at:

The Granville Community Park

PARENTS/KIDS Costume Guidelines:

*Organic Character: Video Game Character costumes should be organic in nature. In other words, the character was initially created to be used on a video game.  For instance: Batman (even though he is a video game character now) he was originally created to be a comic book character.  A Batman costume would not be eligible for award.   

1.  Only themed costumes are eligible for awards.

2.  ALL costumes from the members of The River Church, themed or not, should remain within our dress-up guidelines as we will not honor Halloween within the traditional "monster, devil, gore" line of costumes.  This applies to our themes as well; NO evil/gore/monster/sexually explicit character costumes are permitted.

3. Children should not dress in costume during Konnex Kids Church on Oct __, as festivities will begin after the main Worship Experience.  You may dismiss your children early to prepare if needed as Trunk Vendors will do the same.

4.  Konnex Staff will organize a costume judging process and award prizes.  Must be present to win.


1.  We encourage all vendors to decorate your trunk with anything related to Video Games: game theme, console/parts, arcade, computer, etc.   

You may decorate with your own idea as well but the costume regulation guideline should also be applied to your decor as well.  Only themed trunks are eligible for an award.

2.  Selected Vendor(s) will be awarded prize.

3.  All registered vendors will park on the East Parking Lot side(between church and Fellowship Hall).  This area will be reserved for Vendors Only on Sunday Oct __.

4.  Vendors should bring their own candy, treats or gifts to pass out.  Make sure all kids get their first treat before handing out seconds.

5.  If rain occurs, we will relocate inside the Fellowship Hall.  Tables will be supplied for you to transfer your decorations and treats too.

6. Register your vendor spot below.  This will help us determine car space needs.

Event located at:

The Granville Community Park

Vendor and Costume Guidelines:


What we need

Candy vendors as we have done with Trunk or Treat except no trunks just a table or booth from 5:30 to 6:30.  Granville will continue to have other events from 6:30 to 8, of which we do not need to remain.  At the bottom you will see the flyer published by the Town of Granville.

1. This event is being held at the Granville Park.  Many businesses and locals participate each year and fill the entire park full of booths, music, amusement and lots of treats with a very good outcome for trick-or-treaters.

2. We have been given a very large space to build "Dino Land".  Since we are recycling the use of our VBS Lost Land theme, any costumes from volunteers should fall in line with "prehistoric times".  For example: many of our youth will be wearing the inflatable dinosaur costumes as used in VBS.  Travis and Alexa Johnson are planning to be Fred and Wilma Flintstone.

3. The large 'stone' cubes that were used in VBS, will create a mini version of the "Dino Land" entrance.  Contained within will be, YOU, our vendors.  Vendors will space apart to create an interior border behind the stone wall entrance while our inflatable dinos wonder about greeting the kids.  All tables within will represent The River Church.  

4. No vehicles/trunk or treat.  Booth spaces only.

5. Ministry teams are very welcome to participate.  We are allowed to hand out any church promotions with our treats.

6. Vendors will need to supply their own table, candy/treats, and decorating your table/area is completely optional but highly recommended to add to the genre.

7. Our plan is to set up the day of and be ready to receive children as early as 5pm, ending at 8pm.

It's possible we may deliver the large totes on Wednesday as we are allowed to prep the day before.

8. *In the event of light to moderate rain, the community proceeds with the event.  If such weather is forecasted, they encourage everyone to bring a tent/canopy for their own booth space.


Please register your space, there will be plenty of it!

Q's? ... text or call Randy at 910.823.6016


Thanks for registering as a Dino Land Booth Vendor. See you there!

Questions?  Contact here ...

Thanks for submitting!

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