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T-shirts, coffee mugs, phone cases, laptop case, totes, onesies, hoodies and MORE!

All designs are created by the Konnex team and when you purchase anything from our store, proceeds go to Konnex Kid Mission ministry.

So don't hold back! Collect them all then we'll keep making more ... so you'll keep buying more.

Click on the SHOP to see options and purchase while we continue to think of a creative name for our store.

konnex shirt stripes.png
konnex shirt redux.png
konnex shirt bricks.png
konnex shirt battle royale.png
konnex shirt .png
konnex shirt speed.png
konnex shirt booger hole.png
konnex shirt blox.png
konnex laptop case.png
konnex tote.png
konnex phone case.png
konnex hoodie.png
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