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About Us

Meet the Konnex Kid Mission Team

We appreciate our volunteers who deliver both time and talent into the Kingdom of God for Children's Ministry.

Image by Yulia Matvienko

Our Story

The River Church has always maintained a place for the Children's Ministry.  In 2014, this ministry transitioned into "Konnex Kid Mission".  Currently we provide a 'Kids Church' program on Sunday Mornings at 10am and a classroom setting on mid-week service at 7pm.  We thrive on incorporating fun and exciting content that affirms the Word of God in the hearts and minds of the little ones.

We firmly believe in: 

1. The Plan of Salvation as established in the Book of Acts 2:38.

2. The Lord our God is One and His name is Jesus.

3. Our lives should continually progress into a Holy lifestyle to draw closer to Him and further away from secular models, idealisms and methods.

Meet The Team

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